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31 and counting


American (Social Media and the Law)

Berkeley (Video Game and Social Media Law)

California Western School of Law (Internet and Social Media)

Campbell (Traditional and Social Media Law Problems and Solutions)

Cardozo (Social Media Law)

Charlotte (Social Media Law)

Columbia (Social Media and the Law)

Dayton (Social Media Law)

Duquesne (Social Media and the Law)

Florida Coastal (Social Media in Law Practice)

Georgia (The Law of Social Media)

Hastings (Digital Media Law Seminar)

Indiana University (McKinney) (Advanced Topics in Intellectual Property: Social Media Law)

Loyola (Lawyers and Social Media: Do’s and Dont’s)

Massachusetts School of Law (Social and New Media Law)

Miami (Social Media and the Law)

New Hampshire (Social Media and the Law)

Nova Southeastern (Social Media and the Law)

Pace (Internet Law: Regulation of Social Media)

Pennsylvania (Social Media Law)

Stanford (Social Media Law Seminar)

St. Johns (Social Media and the Law)

SMU (Social Media Law)

Texas (Law and Social Media)

Texas A&M (Law and Social Media)

Texas Tech (Law and Social Media)

Thomas Jefferson (Internet and Social Media Law)

Toledo (Social Media Discovery)

West Virginia University (Privacy and Social Media)

Willamette (Internet and Social Media)

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