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Removing Content Expeditiously

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Removing Content Expeditiously

In light of the recent deadly attacks on several mosques in New Zealand that were live streamed on Facebook, Australia has passed a new law which would make it criminal if a social media provider failed to remove violent content in an “expeditious” manner. While Facebook did ultimately take down the video, it was up for almost an hour and viewed thousands of times.

While I applaud the effort to regulate social media providers, I am not sure that this law was well thought out.  In fact, most view it as a rushed, knee-jerk reaction to a horrific event.  Also, I am not sure what more is expected from social media providers.  While I agree that Facebook should have responded more quickly, I am not sure what is an acceptable length of time.  I guess the key here is how Australian prosecutors define “expeditious.”

NPR.com: Australia To Criminalize Failure To Remove Violent Content From Internet Platforms

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