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#Advocacy: Social Media Activism’s Power to Transform Law

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Stacy Steinberg


#Advocacy: Social Media Activism’s Power to Transform Law


Attorneys influence the actions of legislators, courts, and community leaders by working alongside social movements. Together, these advocates seek to challenge the status quo by setting precedent that will ensure equality and justice for all individuals. While social movements often use social media to convey their message or to gather support for their cause, many attorneys are unfamiliar with leveraging this powerful new technology.

Social media platforms provide a low-cost, fast, and easy-to-use tool that effectively disseminates information and helps advocates garner support for their cause. However, some social change advocates, including lawyers and policymakers, are hesitant to get involved in social media activities. These advocates are missing unique and powerful opportunities to move their causes forward, and are perhaps doing so at their peril.

Online activism has both amplified the voices of marginalized individuals and shifted national conversations on important legal and social issues. This Article explores the role of social movements in cause-lawyering, and introduces advocates to social media’s role in creating meaningful legal change. It first discusses social movements and community activism in the context of law. Next, this Article illustrates the unique power of online advocacy (often referred to as #activism) to create legal and social reform. This article concludes by proposing that attorneys understand and embrace social media, as it has revolutionized how laws are created and enforced in all aspects of society.

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