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Judge’s Facebook Comments Leads to Reprimand

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Judge’s Facebook Comments Leads to Reprimand

A senior judge in Minnesota who has has been on the bench for over 30 plus years has received a reprimand from the Minnesota Board on Judicial Standards this week. His reprimand arose from the publicly posted comments the judge made about several cases pending before him. To read the reprimand in full go here. Here is a sample of what the judge wrote.

Some things I guess will never change. I just love doing the stress of jury trials. In a Felony trial now State prosecuting a pimp. Cases are always difficult because the women (as in this case also) will not cooperate. We will see what the 12 citizens in the jury box do.


Now we are in chaos because the defendant has to hire a new lawyer who will most likely want to start over and very vulnerable woman will have to spend another day on the witness stand. I was so angry that on the way home I stopped to see our District Administrator and I told him, “Michael, you are going to have to just listen to me bitch for awhile.”…[W]e know the new lawyer (probably quite justifiably) will be asking for another continuance. Terrible day!!!

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