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Cyber Banging

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Cyber Banging

I have seen the term “cyber banging” in news articles.  I have even referenced the term in prior posts.  However, I have not, until today, seen it appear in an actual published case.  The First Appellate court in California recently used the term in reviewing a juvenile proceeding.  In the case of in re G.H., the appellate court described cyber banging as follows:

Many of the photographs and messages on appellant’s Facebook page amounted to “cyber-banging,” which Gault described as using the Internet to promote one’s own gang or to disrespect rival gangs. In one such exchange, appellant responded to posts that disrespected the Swerve Team by making threats and posting pictures of himself pointing what appeared to be a gun. Gault recognized Deandre and two other individuals in the group photographs on appellant’s Facebook page to be Swerve Team members. Deandre was on appellant’s list of Facebook “friends.”

h/tip Eric Goldman

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