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Felon Violates Probation with Facebook Post

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“Prison didn’t break me. It made me. I’m free. I’m a new man. Don’t come at me like before. Yes im skinny and muscular now. 7 months of working out everyday. Love my real friends an fam. Shout outs to my fam behind bars. Ill see ya when youre time is near! Miss you brothers! (language from Fye’s Facebook photo)

Felon Violates Probation with Facebook Post

An ex-felon (Ryan Fye) from Ohio who pled guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide and served six and half months of a three-year sentence was ordered back to prison. Apparently, the judge who originally sentenced him was none to pleased with the Facebook photo Fye posted upon his release from prison. According to the victim’s father, the post demonstrates that Fye has no remorse for the death of his son who was a passenger in the car driven by Fye. I am not sure how Fye’s post violates probation but another hearing on the matter is scheduled for Jan 15th.

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