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U.S. v. Lori Drew: The Backstory

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U.S. v. Lori Drew: The Backstory

Most know the story about Lori Drew but for those who don’t here is a brief synopsis.  In 2006, Lori Drew, a 49-year-old mother from Missouri, created a Myspace page with the picture of a fictitious 16-year-old boy named Josh Evans. Lori Drew created this account to befriend 13-year-old Megan Meir, a one-time friend and classmate of Lori Drew’s daughter.  Lori Drew believed that this bogus Myspace account would allow her to learn whether Megan Meier was spreading rumors about her daughter. Acting as Josh Evans, Lori Drew would flirt with Megan Meier on Myspace. The relationship eventually turned sour and Lori Drew, through Josh Evans, told Megan Meier that the world would be a better place without her. Shortly thereafter, Megan Meier committed suicide.

The federal government prosecuted Lori Drew under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act but was unsuccessful. The article below helps to fill in some of the backstory surrounding this case and the underlying facts. It was written by the reporter who broke the original story.

Springfield News Leader: Pokin Around: The story of Megan Meier’s suicide

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