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Facebook Asks the DEA to Stop Creating Fake Accounts

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Facebook recently sent a letter to the DEA asking them to stop the practice of creating fake Facebook pages which violates Facebook’s Terms of Use.  The Facebook letter goes on to state that

Most fundamentally, the actions threaten the integrity of our community. Facebook
strives to maintain a safe, trusted environment where people can engage in authentic
interactions with the people they know and meet in real life. Using Facebook to impersonate
others abuses that trust and makes people feel less safe and secure when using our service.
Indeed, as we have observed at Facebook, such deceptive actions are often used to further
harmful conduct, such as trolling, hate speech, scams, bullying, and even domestic violence.
This impact is markedly different from undercover investigations conducted in the "real" world.

This letter was in response to earlier media reports which revealed that the DEA has in the past created bogus Facebook pages of real people.  To read more about that story go here.

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