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New Treatise: Social Media and the Law

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The Practicing Law Institute has  a new treatise entitled Social Media and the Law.  The book is directed towards practitioners who want to know more about the impact of social media on the every day practice of law.   While the book primarily targets civil practitioners, it has a chapter dedicated to criminal law which I authored.

Here is a brief description of the book.

In the past few years, more and more individuals and companies have been using social media in every aspect of their personal lives and corporate existences, from keeping up with families and friends for individuals to product research and understanding customer preferences by business entities.

PLI’s Social Media and the Law helps you understand the legal environment and helps you mitigate the risks of using the many new social media platforms.

In Social Media and the Law you’ll learn:

  • The privacy issues presented by social networking sites and what steps users can take to maintain their privacy and limit unwanted third-party access to personal information
  • What copyright issues are raised in the developing social media world, such as who owns and who can use user-generated content on social media sites  
  • The opportunities, and trademark risks, of promoting your brand through social media  
  • Best practices for social media communication to avoid defamation and other tort liability   
  • The unique employment and workplace issues that are raised by and through the use of social media, both by employees and human resources departments
  • How the basic rules of disclosure in advertising apply to advertisements appearing in social  media, including the Federal Trade Commission’s most recent guidance updates
  • How the federal regulation of unsolicited commercial email applies to social media platforms
  • When social media use involves crimes and evidence, and impacts criminal prosecution
  • How social media can and should be considered in creating a civil litigation discovery plan

In a separate chapter on regulated industries, Social Media and the Law discusses the unique issues faced by such industries as:

  • Financial services
  • Broker/dealers
  • Pharmaceutical providers

Essential reading at a time when the legal issues are still evolving, Social Media and the Law minimizes the risk of litigation and other issues while maximizing your comfort level in using the many powerful tools now available through social media platforms.

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