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Prosecutor Fired for Facebook Trickery

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In Cleveland an assistant prosecutor was fired for pretending to be someone else on Facebook. The assistant prosecutor claims that he did nothing wrong.  According to him, “Law enforcement, including prosecutors, have long engaged in the practice of using a ruse to obtain the truth.” The prosecutor’s boss saw it differently.  The County Prosecutor found the assistant prosecutor’s behavior unethical and added that “[b]y creating false evidence, lying to witnesses as well as another prosecutor, Aaron Brockler has damaged the prosecution’s chances in a murder case where a totally innocent man was killed at his work.”

The ruse involved the assistant prosecutor creating a fake Facebook profile in which he pretended to be the ex-girlfriend of the defendant.  Using this bogus Facebook profile, the prosecutor “friended” and then initiated a series of chats with the defendant’s two female alibi witnesses.  During these conversations, the bogus ex-girlfriend informed the two women that she had recently given birth to the defendant’s child. The bogus ex-girlfriend also attempted to get the witnesses to change or recant their testimony.

Cleveland.com:  Cuyahoga County prosecutor fired after posing as an accused

ABCnews.com: Ohio Prosecutor Posing as Woman Fired for Allegedly Facebooking Witnesses

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