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Social Media and the Trayvon Martin Case

A Florida judge hearing the Trayvon Martin murder trial denied the prosecution’s request to prohibit George Zimmerman’s lawyer from commenting and blogging about the case.  In her two-page order, the judge stated that there was no “overriding pattern of prejudicial commentary.” In addition, the judge noted that an impartial jury could still be seated.

Here is the link to the George Zimmerman blog, which, not surprisingly, offers its own take on the evidence against Mr. Zimmerman.  The blog also discusses the value of using social media to defend this case.

CBS News: Judge denies gag order for Zimmerman’s attorney

Law Enforcement and Social Media

The article below discusses the different ways in which law enforcement uses social media to investigate crime and apprehend suspects.  According to the article, law enforcement use social media to not only track down fugitives, but also to obtain search warrants from the court.

NTV:Social Media & Law Enforcement

Nebraska’s Social Media Ban for Sex Offenders Unconstitutional

In Doe v. Nebraska, a federal judge held that a state statute, which prohibits a sex offender from using social media, is unconstitutional. The judge based his decision on the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, the Due Process Clause and Ex Post Facto Clause.

Defense Granted Acces to Trayvon Martin’s Social Media Accounts

Last week a Florida state judge ruled that George Zimmerman who is charged with killing Trayvon Martin can get access to the late teen’s social media accounts.   For more information on this story see the link below.

Yahoo.com: Defense can subpoena Trayvon Martin’s school records, Facebook